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Study shows massage can reduce pain during labour


In her dual roles as a physiotherapist and a midwife, Heather Pierce (pictured here) has witnessed the pain women go through in labour and helped women in their recovery post-birth.

So it comes as no surprise the New South Wales practitioner has welcomed a new study that provides evidence to support the use of massage to control pain during labour. Read more…

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Physio nearly loses her practice due to TAC gap fees


Crippling gaps in Transport Accident Commission fees almost cost Helen Lowe (pictured here) her Victorian physiotherapy practice.

The Warragul physiotherapist has been forced to charge gap fees to treat motor accident victims, many with acquired brain injuries, for their neurological rehabilitation. Read more…

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Physios feel the pain of Transport Accident Commission fees


Victorian physiotherapists are being forced to discount their fees below the market rate to treat motor accident victims.

The Australian Physiotherapy Association has revealed figures showing Victorian private practice physiotherapists are the worst paid in Australia when it comes to treating road trauma victims.

The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) fee schedule pays Victorian physiotherapists $48.50 for a standard consultation despite Victorian private practices charging $63.90 for a standard consultation. Read more…

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Physios criticise cap on self-education


Physiotherapists fear the Federal Government’s plan to cap the tax deductibility for work-related self-education expenses at $2000 per person will have far-reaching ramifications for the health sector.

The Australian Physiotherapy Association says the move, which will affect nurses and allied health professionals from July next year, will act as a disincentive for physiotherapists to develop their expertise or pursue specialised education and could also impact on the quality of care for Australian patients. Read more…

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Physiotherapists strengthen falls prevention work


Physiotherapists are working at the forefront of falls prevention, helping older people to bolster their strength and their balance and to continue being active.

Physiotherapy New Zealand (PNZ) is raising awareness of the success of physiotherapy in the prevention of falls and treatment post-falls amid research showing a targeted physiotherapy exercise program can reduce the risk of falling between 17 and 35 per cent and the rate of falls by 22 to 27 per cent. Read more…

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Forging new eHealth technology


Two allied health professionals are trialling unique technology to deliver speech pathology services to people with Parkinson’s living in rural and remote areas of Queensland.

Innovative multimedia video conferencing system eHab, which is also about to be launched in tablet form, has been specifically designed by and for allied health professionals for assessment and treatment of people with Parkinson’s disease in their own homes.

The technology uses the mobile phone network and, unlike Skype, offers a private connection while it also features dynamic software tools that enable speech pathologists to measure the volume level and pitch of the voice. Read more…

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Calls for Medicare to fund continence physiotherapy


Physiotherapists are calling for the Medicare Benefits Scheme to fund continence physiotherapy.

The APA (Australian Physiotherapy Association) wants physiotherapy to be the first line of continence treatment and in its pre-budget submission to the federal government, and has called for the establishment of a specific Medicare item for continence physiotherapy. Read more…

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Regional program to boost allied health


The Central Gippsland Health Service (CGHS) has embarked on an innovative traineeship model to boost its allied healthcare team while increasing Koori representation within its workforce.

Faced with a skills shortage for qualified allied health professionals, CGHS is supporting 6 Aboriginal people with Allied Health Assistant (AHA) traineeships, covering disciplines such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, social health, dietetics, speech pathology and podiatry.

The 18-month traineeship project for Indigenous people, which is supported by the Victorian Department of Health’s Closing the Gap Fund, has been heralded a success. Read more…

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Physiotherapists welcome NDIS legislation


Physiotherapists are applauding the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) legislation into Parliament.

The Australian Government yesterday introduced the NDIS Bill into Parliament and pledged $1 billion for the first stage of the scheme, which will enable people with disabilities to receive care and support based on their needs while empowering them with choice and control over their support. Read more…

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New social media rules for nurses and allied health professionals


New social media guidelines are currently being developed for Australian physiotherapists, nurses and other allied health professionals.

In consulting with major stakeholders across the 14 national boards, the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) will soon release a draft social media policy for public consultation. The draft is expected to be release in October or November this year. Read more…

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